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The oldest and longest tenured hot-dip galvanizing plant in the Western United States..For more than three-quarters of a century we have serviced the local steel fabrication industry with quality workmanship and unparalleled customer service.

“LA Galvanizing has been hot dipping steel since 1932 and we are still going strong.”

We will take care of all your galvanizing needs and we are happy to serve you.

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Terms to Know

  • Degreasing

    A hot alkaline or caustic solution removes dirt, oil, grease and soluble markings.

  • Pickling

    A dilute solution of hot sulfuric acid removes surface rust and mill scale to provide a chemically clean metallic surface. This pickling process, heated to about 150 ° F, attacks the base steel, getting beneath the rust and scale to achieve the adequate cleaning.

  • Fluxing

    Our “wet” flux is a frothy blanket that floats on the surface of the zinc bath, and is a combination of zinc and ammonium chlorides that clean and protect the previously pickled steel. This flux forms a protective barrier on the steel as it passes thru into the zinc, in addition to removing any oxides that may have formed on the steel’s surface.

  • Galvanizing

    This is where the steel actually gets its silver/grey coatings. The article is immersed into a bath of molten zinc heated to about 830 F. During the process, the steel comes up to the bath temperature and the zinc metallurgically bonds to the steel, creating a series of highly abrasion-resistant zinc-iron alloy layers.

Things to know

Designing and fabricating

Designing and Fabricating certain considerations must be taken into account. Communication between the architect/engineer.

Design Issues

Bend Diameters Cold Worked Steels Dissimilar Steel Chemistries Dissimilar Metals in Contact

Fabrication Consideration

Abrasive Blasting Bending Distortion & Warping Dulling Surfaces

Corrosion Protection

Abrasive Blasting Bending Distortion & Warping Dulling Surfaces

“LA Galvanizing is a family business. We pride ourselves on small family aspects of running a business.”